USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Sterling Heights, Michigan

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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Sterling Heights, Michigan

When we look at the fabricated metal parts, we marvel at the surface finishing that our eyes first land on. Metal finishing is a service on its own that is responsible for coating nay finished parts with what we term us the final market color. Surface finishing is the very last stage that any produced part passes through before passed on to the customers.

We have served clients who need this and those who do not need surface finishing, reasons of which are known by themselves. If you can handle your metal finishing volume and meet the quality standards, then we don’t have any problem with you. However, if you realize that it is taking your time more than it should and your customers are also complaining about the quality of the coatings, then you can improve on that by using our services.

Affordable powder coating services

Powder coating is one of the very many metal finishing methods that are commonly used in giving the fabricated products their final look. At USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists, we have experience in powder coating of metal surfaces, a coat that is designed to last 20 years if not forcefully removed. This quality is attributed to the cutting-edge tools and equipment that we use. We use only the tools that are the best and follow all the standard procedures in accomplishing a sleek powder coating.

We offer metal surface coating depending on what our clients. Everything is fully-customized to meet the expectations of clients. We will use the method that you recommend and choose the powder type depending on the final use that the fabricated part will be put to. We know that different powders are used in powder coating, and it is upon us to know what works the best for you.

We are the best contract manufacturing in Sterling Heights that you can rely on for any metal finishing of your choice. It does need to be powder coating. We are also very perfect in electroplating, blackening, anodizing, painting, etc. Just name it, and we will offer just that to you.

Advantages of powder coating over other surface finishes

Powder coating is increasingly gaining popularity in many manufacturing industries. This is because of the additional advantages that come with it. apart from the common advantages that any method can offer, powder coating is a special one with special features that will amaze you.

Apart from protecting the surface from corrosion and UV light degradation, powder coating is rich in aesthetic value. It is also the best method if you are considering protecting your manufactured parts from carrion and other things on a low budget. The last selling point that has made powder coating superior over the liquid method approach is that it is environmentally-friendly. There are no greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere during this process as there is no solvent needed.

Powder coating is affordable and very easy to apply through electrostatics. This makes it the best option for high-volume coating.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Michigan. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Michigan.

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