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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication-USA Contract Manufacturing

It is hard thinking of the many things that existed in ancient history.  However, one of these practices is metal fabricating.  These metal fabrication and metalworking have been a need for humans since the sharpened rocks and sticks could not cut the metals any longer.

It is believed that the first metal fabrication specialists were the ancient Egyptians who used metalworking to create gold jewelry. Gold is found in nature and thus needs little work to molding and forming, however, due to the technology advancements heat and ore could be used in accomplishing this.

With time, metal fabrication and metalworking started growing in scope and complexity. Civilizations lead to the continued discovery and innovation of new materials and methods in creating metal fabrications and metal products.  All these innovations have brought to the current day, where metal fabricating has continually been innovated, and the complexity and scale are times ahead of where they commenced.

It is not that possible to realize this in our day to day life, but the fact is that metal fabrication industries have an effect on us in more ways than we can think of. Most of the assemblies incorporating the use of these metals have opted for fabrication in order to achieve the best desired results.

We can thus define metal fabrication as the process of cutting, bending, and assembling structures from the various parts of metals. Thinking of this, this is a task that will need a skilled technician.

The stages involved in the fabrication process

During fabrication, the metal is usually cut to sizes either by use of the mechanized techniques such as chiseling, shearing, and sawing or manually.  However, with the technological developments, there has been more time-saving methods such as the use of torches or water jets that have really gained popularity as they are automated.  This complex process thus rather starts with a humble sheet of metals, thus this process is usually termed as sheet metal fabrication.

After the completion of cutting, the nest step that follows is the bending of the metal into the various shapes.  This is normally done via hammering and through press brakes.  This process is always either automated or manual.  These press brakes will clamp the metal sheet using the dies and punches.

Lastly, all these pieces are measured one more before they get assembles via techniques such as binding, riveting, fastening, and welding.  These are the general steps that sum up the entire metal fabrication process. More so, metals can be fabricated by the use of special processes like stamping.  The best technique is suitable for the production of large quantities of similar parts. This begins with the creation of mold or stamp that is used in the stamping machines to stamp the sheet metal pieces out.

This process of stumping however could require very high investments in the mold building. However, once you have these molds built, then the economies of scale come into handy as the costs per part are rather low. This process is usually used for items such as the hinges, panels, vents among others. There are plenty of metals being used in the fabrication process with steel being the most commonly used.  Carbon is the common alloy due to its costs and it also adds the desirable qualities to metals such as hardness, malleability, and strength. However, this is always dependant on the amount of carbon you choose adding to the product.

The one disadvantage of this carbon though is that it is susceptible to corrosion.  In such a case, you can choose a painting or adding a coating to the surface to offer greater protection.  Otherwise,   you can choose using the process of stainless steel fabrication for better results.   The stainless steel fabrication is highly recommended when you are in need of parts that can endure corrosion.

Though this metal fabrication industry is growing rapidly, it is ideal for selecting the most reputable fabricators. Consider a company like USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists, service providers that are able to recommend the best metals, offer you reasonable manufacturing facilities, and even offer practical designs.  The metal fabrication products have been in use for thousands of years to make the most long-lasting equipment and tools that are durable.

What are the different types of metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication is mainly grouped into three basic categories, commercial, industrial, and structural.  The process of building components and manufacturing Bridging is referred to as a structural fabrication.   Industrial fabrication is usually the manufacturing of support equipment for industrial use falls and the processing equipment.  And the major chunk of these metal items purchases by customers is normally produced by commercial metal fabrication.

An Overview of Methods Used for Metal Fabrication

The most used methods in metal fabrication include chipping, spinning, casting, punching, coating, heat treatment, forging, extrusion, forming, shearing, brazing among others.  One of the higher practices that need high specialization includes hydraulics, machine design, prototyping, and electrical.

These processes use a number of raw materials such as the fittings, hardware, castings, welding wire, square stock, tube stock, formed metal, and plate metals.  This includes stages like burning and cutting, machining, forming, welding, and assembly. These are mainly used in the construction of various structures and machines. Popularly the stainless steel and the sheet metal are used in metal fabrication in the creation of the various consumer and industrial products like machines, structural frames for building, and loose parts.

Metal Fabrications Services

Metal fabrications are normally taken out of various manufacturing processes such as stamping, welding, cutting, bending, forming, and rolling.  More so, they are mainly used in a wide range of applications such as computer equipment, HVAC components, and metal enclosures. One can also choose to utilize these kitchen products in the form of various appliances and sanitary equipment.  Of course, some of the popular industrial applications and machine tools could not be possible without these products. Along with these metal fabrication manufacturing, there is always a list of services that customers need to enjoy.

Since these metals undergo certain processes in order to be transformed into useful products, one needs to look for the right processes and services involved in the fabrication of these materials.  These are the three general categories, finishing, forming, and cutting.

Sheet metal cutting

In metal fabrication, this service is mainly devoted to the cutting of metals into smaller pieces.  These pieces then get molded together to get the larger components.  The important types of sheet metal cutting services include water jet cutting, laser cutting, shearing, electrical discharge machining, and abrasive cutting. Each of these services will undergo various processes.  Let’s look at shearing for example, this is normally conducted with the help of specialized types of equipment where there is the application of the shear stress.  Laser cutting also makes use of the programmed pieces of equipment.  And on the other hand water jet cutting relies upon the use of water that is highly pressurized.

Sheet metal forming

This usually entails techniques such as rolling, punching, welding, stamping, forming, and bending. Forming and bending are mainly made so as to prepare the metal for their final forms. Stamping is then used to bring more definition to the metal surfaces and then welding joins the two metals while punching is where you get the holes punched into the metal sheets.   Lastly, rolling then comes in shaping the rolled metals and the flat sheets.

Sheet metal finishing

This is usually the point where the entire process gets finished before the final products being sold to the customers. The products then get applied to different types of finishes such as polishing and painting. However, depending on the metal purposes, glossing could be used as well. Metal fabrication is a very demanding process that is mainly used in the creation of many consumer and industrial products.  These applications have highly been accepted in society and even its products are highly demanded in our daily life. Do not be left out, try this metal fabricated products for a better taste.

If you need any of our services, feel free to get to us and we will give you a free quotation. The company guarantees you that you will get the value for your money in any service that you hire from us. We have the right technicians and machines to help you out on any metal project that you could be having at your individual or business needs.

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