Powder coated fabricated assemblies-USA Contract Manufacturing

Powder Coated Fabricated Assemblies

Powder coated fabricated assemblies-USA Contract Manufacturing

In the past,   paint and the use of chemicals was the talk in town.  However, with technologies, powder coatings have become more commonly used as there is no use of chemicals in the process.  All types of metals need to have some protective finishing so as to help avoid corrosion.  That is why powder coating comes in being handy.

This kind of coating is extraordinary as it not only a superior alternative to sludge producing the solvent-based wet paints but also more environmentally friendly. Therefore, powder coating is a type of metal coating that is mainly used in sheet metal fabrication.  It is usually applied as dry, and free-flowing powder.

The chief difference between these powder types of coatings and the liquid paints is that these powders need no solvent to help to keep the filler and binder parts in the liquid suspension form.  Instead, this powder is applied electrostatically and later cured under heat allowing it to flow forming a coating. The powder-coated fabricated assemblies have much thicker coatings than the liquid coatings without sagging or running. They also have a hard finish that is tough compared to conventional paint.

These powders are considered greener than the wet paints due to the emission of the near-zero or zero volatile organic compounds.  More so, it produces wastes that are less hazardous than liquid coatings. These powder overspray can also be recycled making it possible in the achievement of a hundred percent use of the coating. Additionally, the powder coating operating costs and the capital equipment is less.

Therefore, we can say that powder coatings are not just a good way of giving the metal fabricated products that professional and flawless look. Most of the fabrication companies have really adopted this method due to the various benefits it provides overpainting. Despite there being many different finishing availabilities within the metal fabrication industries, powder coating still stands out.    Prior to the existence of this technology metal used to be painted something that did not give that bond to the metal fabricated items.  There was the use of so much paint in order to achieve the maximum thickness required.

In the 1940s and 1950s is when the powder coating came in handy as an alternative to metal paint. The equipment that is used in this process gives much more uniform coatings on metals than what paints did.  The metals have a thicker coating and are highly resistant to rusting, scratching, peeling, and cracking. The best part is that the overspray that is recycled helps in the cutting down of expenses as well as the reduction of hazardous wastes.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

This process entails two steps, the application of the coat of powder on the materials and curing the powder.  The powder application is mainly done using the electrostatic gun to have the powder sprayed or through the dipping of the materials in the fluidized bed.  Curing the items entails the use of gas-fired convection bake oven to heat the items until the powder melts forming a smooth film.

Usually, the powder gets cures at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. However, with the new technologies, the powders can cure at 300-325 degrees a significant way of saving energy.  After the entire process of curing, these products are then set with incredible flawless, yet rugged finishes on the metal items. The powder is always available in various resin bases such as acrylics, urethanes, polyesters, hybrids, and epoxy .in addition to this wide range of resins, this powder is always present in different gloss levels and textures. You can make a choice from the peels, hammer tones, wrinkles, veins, textures, and smooth.  From the old styles to the contemporary and modern looks, this coating gives you the look you desire.

Though powder coatings can be used in various materials, it is best used in the metal fabrication industries.  If you own the metal items like metal shelves or metal filing cabinets then the high chances are that they were powder coated. for a better reason being that powder offers long-lasting durability, it is more environmentally friendly and even cheaper.

Powder coating for fabricated assemblies and its advantages

Whether you like it or not, the fact is that people will always judge a book by its cover.  Usually, this is the first thing that will capture your attention and our reaction to visual stimuli cannot be helped.  That is why making perfect impressions with finished products is always a good idea to attract clients.

The finish on your products is always it’s covered thus it needs looking attractive.  There exist so many finishing options but relatively the one that is increasingly becoming popular is the powder coating.  Like most of the innovations, these powder coatings were developed to be tougher and stronger finishes than in conventional paints.

Before this advent of powder coatings, the traditional methods were highly used and the fact is that they failed to bond well with the metal fabricated products. More so, they got so thick before reaching the maximum.  That is why the powder coatings have taken over the market.   These powder-coated assemblies come with plenty of benefits in return.

The advantages of the powder coating for metal fabricated items are usually quite apparent.  First, the coatings are always much thicker and create a coating that is much better than the traditional paints.  More so, powder coatings produce the much less hazardous wastes than the liquid paints and are thus environmentally friendly.

Most of the liquid solvents have the pollutants Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that could cause a lot of harm to the atmosphere. This is not the case with the powder coatings as they have no solvents. This thus eliminates the need of manufacturers maintaining the costly pollution thus saving on costs and time.

The other benefit of powder-coated fabricated assemblies is that they are extremely versatile and durable.  That is the powder coatings are very economical and even work with almost any kind of the metals.  With these coatings, you can opt for any colours as there are a variety of colours that can be applied. The good thing is that these colours can remain shiny and bright for very long times. More so, you not only get the colours but also can opt for the best textures as well.  You can either choose the wrinkled or smooth finish for your product depending on your preferences.  And in the case the surface has imperfections and is not that smooth, you can consider the rough texture to hide these deficiencies.

However, every good thing will always have its drawbacks. With these powder coatings on fabricated assemblies, you will need higher maintenances than the normal liquid coats as it is prone to scratches and chipping.  You need to be that careful to keep these surfaces away from the sharp objects that could cause this scrapes.

Powder coatings are one of the great ways of giving metal fabricated items a professional, uniform, and seamless look.  Most of the metal fabrication companies have this method adopted due to the plentiful benefits that it provides. If you have not tried this yet,   ask to see whether the items you have were powder coated as the chances are that they were. Or better, you can choose to try powder-coated finish on the nest project you plan doing.

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