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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting-USA Contract Manufacturing

Laser cutting is usually a technology that mainly uses the lasers In order to cut the various different kinds of materials mostly metals like copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel.  This technique is widely used in the metal fabrication industries to improve the cutting qualities, increase productivity, reduce production costs, and increase the cutting capacity and speed.

These lasers will generate the high concentrated coherent ad monochromatic beams of light. This light is normally produced through the stimulated emission process. The most commonly used laser in cutting is usually carbon dioxide laser, a gas laser commonly used in welding.

The cutting of the metals is normally done mainly by focusing the energy that is being produced by the high power laser s at the small portions of the objects that need cutting. These small portions are normally pierced before the cutting is done.

From this hole, the cuts are then made either by moving the metal while the laser is kept still or by the moving of the beams across the areas the metals need being cut.  One can choose to employ either of these two methods.  As the intense beam of a light strikes, the metal temperatures start rising causing it to burn and melt.

When you compare this metal cutting procedure to the others, lase cutting is far more advantageous. However, this does not mean it has no drawbacks. some of its key disadvantages include high voltage requirement which could risk the getting of burns from the laser beams.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

The controlling of the broad range of the laser parameters helps in the transformation of the metal sheets into numerous parts with various characteristics even without the need for tooling.  Below are some key advantages accompanied by the use of laser cutting.

The laser cutting machines have no actual surfaces to wear and tear something that you cannot compare with the other forms of cutting like mechanical cutting that entails the contamination of the wear and tears blades on cutting machines.  Therefore, these laser cutting machines can be able to cut identical products as many as you need without tearing. They can even cut holes through metals more efficiently.

More so, because this laser is so precise, there is always less material wastage. And due to this, you can be able to cut down on the time and effort you could take doing the cleaning each day.

Most of the laser equipment has the load and unload features. This adds up to the efficiency of the lasers running even when the workers are on the break which allows much production of the metal products. Therefore, by the use of the lasers, you can be able to have the precision parts that you need in a more cost-effective and quick manner.

Laser machines can be used easily and thus they do not need that large training or skills.  With the ore advanced laser cutting machines, the number of processes that could require human labor has been reduced gradually. This allows more efficient part nesting capabilities due to the great programming flexibility.

Lasers will always allow for the cleaner and smaller cuts that have the complex details and god quality edge in metal. Unlike the other firms of cutting, these laser cuts are burr-free and can be highly intricate. These lasers however could also be used in the accurate cutting of ceramics, plastics, wood, or wax.

Also, if you need metal parts that need unique whole geometries, then 3D laser cutting is ideal.  CNC laser cutting is also used in the creation of complex 3D structures and curves. the best thing with this laser cutting technique is that it allows for cuts at any desired angle for welding preparation helping achieve high accuracy for the fit-up assemblies.


How Laser Cutting Technology Can Provide Value to Metal Fabrication Shops and Their Customers

Among the most popular technological solutions offered by most of the metal fabrication firms is laser cutting.  The reliability, flexibility, and performance of this fabrication method have made it a vital tool in most of the production workshops. Most of the companies have found this technique to be cost-effective and time-saving while producing a value of money and product excellence.

We are going to look at the way this technique provides value to the customers.  First, the increase of its popularity was mainly due to its ability to produce a number of value-driven solutions to consumers from various industrial grounds.

Compared to the other forms of cutting such as plasma or water jet, laser cutting has a great edge in terms of using energy.  It creates precise components while using very little energy thus resulting in large savings for the fabrication shop as well as the customers.

Laser cutting technology is always a versatile fabrication process that is able to meet all the types of industrial fabrication necessities.

  • By the use of laser cutting, then a variety of metals could be used in the manufacturing of components. Metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and steel can be put to use.
  • Precise laminations for motors and generators
  • There is the reverse engineering of  the now used laminations
  • The fabrication of the custom and standard components.

Though laser cutting is mainly used in metal fabrication methods, there are other firms that are using it along with the other common practices like machining, forming, and welding. This, however, could be used along with these manufacturing processes so as to increase the quality of parts as well as cut on the times used in the delivery of products.

The rejection of components is always one incident when it comes to metal fabrication systems.  This could lead to spending more to deal with the re-fabrication also resulting in extended turnaround time.  But with the use of laser cutting services, all these aspects get eliminated.

The machines are automated. The only thing that needs to be done is the design of the part being fed into the computer software. The laser cutting machine will then fabricate the part using these exact specifications and design.  Additionally, with this technique, there is no mechanical contact between the laser nozzles and metal components ensuring that all components are free from bends, scratches, and any kinds of metal deformities.

Laser cutting is performed repeatedly to produce large and small volumes of components for different industries providing product quality, and value for time and money.

Most of the designs of most industrial components include the intricate contours and complex shapes.  Laser cutting can be used in the building of the complex parts from metal with a lot of ease the good thing is that it can also be able to meet the contours and precise specifications, something hard to accomplish with the other manufacturing processes.   With this also, metals of different thicknesses and sizes can be cut easily.

Just as mentioned above, the advantages associated with laser cutting in the metal fabrication industry are many.  The above points are enough to support the value-added services provided by most of the fab shops.

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