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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in St. Matthews, Kentucky

Laser cutting is the current and the future of parts manufacturing in the industries. This technology is not that old but is already being widely used in sheet metal cutting, hole drilling, and many other areas. Many people are currently using lasers in the fabrication of different metal parts for machinery and other uses.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is one such manufacturing companies that rely heavily on laser cutting systems to fabricate different designs that clients submit to us. If you want services of the best contract manufacturing in St. Matthews, consider our laser cutting services and other metal fabrication services that we offer. We give you the best chance to use the most reliable and affordable laser cutting services.

How does laser cutting work?

Being a new technology, not so many people quite understand the principles behind it. All we know is that it offers the most affordable means of precision metal cutting. We have also been using this highly effective technology in creating the most precise clean cut that our clients need. The complexity of parts design in the manufacturing industry called for a more accurate metal cutting method, and hence, the birth of laser cutting. Laser cutting can cut through different metals such as titanium, aluminum, steel, and many others with a high level of accuracy. But how does it do this?

Laser cutting involves the use of an infrared light beam. One unique feature of this method is that the light is not visible to the human eye. The laser beams generated by the system are directed by a curved lens. This concentrates light at one spot thereby generating much heat that in turn melts the metal. The spot can then be directed to cut the metal according to the design specifications.

The laser can be mixed with either carbon or oxygen depending on the type of metal that is being cut. This is because different metals have a different melting point, and the appropriate gas used helps in getting to this melting point way much faster.

Using an appropriate machine, the laser can be made so useful in cutting through very many metals. To do this, you only need to purchase the most modern laser systems with enhanced capability. For instance, we have just upgraded our systems to accommodate the production of very large parts that were not possible before without the need for welding to bond sections that are fabricated separately.

Why the increasing use of laser cutting method?

The laser cutting technique has dominated metal fabrication workshops for various reasons. First, it is fast and reliable. This insane speed of metal cutting capability makes it possible to fabricate many parts within a unit time as opposed to the other methods. Laser cutting has also reduced the cost of fabrication services as laser systems are not heavy consumers of electric energy.

The last advantage that we are going to mention is the flexibility of designs that come with the use of laser cutting. Even the most complex designs can now be fabricated without any problems.

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