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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Edgewood, Kentucky

Hardware insertion if the process of inserting a self-clinching fastener into a metal plate or sheet to strengthen the union between two or more pieces by using the compression force. This method is so common in structural manufacturing industries where the metal of this gauge is mainly used for the design and production of parts.

The fasteners used in this process are designed with an expansive base or a knurl that expands and clinch when inserted into a metal surface. This technique is used to reduce the cost as there is no need for tapping or threading as would be required for bolts. This method can even be made to be faster and less expensive by using two self-clinching fastener insertion machines in the process. The need for human labor is eliminated and there is no custom tooling needed.

Full range precision fasteners

Many faster designs are available in the market, and the type used will determine the quality and speed of the process. If you care about the quality and time taken to complete your tasks, then consider USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists. We are the best if you need the best contract manufacturing in Edgewood to help you in handling all the hardware insertion and metal fabrication tasks that you have to complete.

We have a skilled and very much experienced team that uses the automated machines in our workshop to complete the installation of full-range precision fasteners on your parts. This greatly quickens the process ensuring that we deliver the services that you want on time. We also understand the need to use different fasteners in different tasks. Our engineers will determine the suitability of every fastener ever designed to be used in completing the task you have at hand. We only use the most appropriate one that will enhance the quality and aesthetic appearances of the parts.

Advantages of hardware insertion

Why do we need to use the hardware insertion method in parts production, or what are the benefits of using this method? Let us find out from the highlighted points below.

  • Adds more structural strength to the metal parts thereby improving their load-carrying ability
  • An easy and fast process that is very affordable as well
  • It is a highly precise method especially if the right technology is used in the insertion of fasteners
  • Stronger and aesthetically more appealing compared to weld studs

What to consider in hardware insertion?

Every method has its weaknesses and hardware insertion is not different. Fasteners may be forcefully pulled out when the load is from the insertion side. To reduce this risk, our engineers always specify the load side relative to the insertion side.

When fasteners are to be used, then they should be for more permanent parts that will not have to be removed often. If you need a more flexible design, then you can consider bolts and nuts that can allow the parts to be dismantled at will for repair or maintenance.

Use our metal insertion services for a perfect finish that is of high-quality and does not fail.

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