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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in South Bend, Indiana

Many of our clients are increasing including in their orders edge rounding or deburring. This increase in trend is due to the speed needed to assemble the parts in the assembling units. With burring or sharp edges, it is becoming more and more difficult to handle metal parts that come from fabricators.

Due to public demand, we nowadays do wedge rounding by default. Our customers who are using our services do not need to ask for it to be done. Provided that you use any of our metal fabrication services, edge rounding will be done on all the parts as after-sales services to our clients. However, if you have an exception for this generality where you want the edges and burring to be left the way they are, then you should specify this when placing your order.

Why do you need to do edge rounding?

For easy maneuverability of the parts in the assembling line, these sharp edges should be rounded off, or else you will get many injuries. Even if you say that your staff will be very careful, the injuries caused by sharp edges left on the components is inevitable. Also, for them to fit easily into each other, blurring and sharp edges need to be removed.

Edge rounding is also done for beauty. Smoothly rounded edges are more appealing to the eye than sharp corners. If your parts are to be taken to the market, then you will have to be very keen not to leave any sharp corners untrimmed and all burring deburred. This will make your parts to sell faster. And if you are making them for another manufacturer, they will become more appealing when everything is neat and smooth.

Our edge rounding services

Depending on the reason as to why you need these services, we will select the best tools and machines to handle it. you don’t have to worry about everything as our experience in edge rounding is beyond doubt. Only those who have not used our services before can doubt our capability. But to regulars, they know that they receive these services even if they don’t ask for it.

Our edge rounding or deburring services are the most affordable and reliable that you can get from the best contract manufacturing in South Bend. South Bend has many contract manufacturers who will come on your way promising you roses but don’t fall for their cheap and unreliable services.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists allows you to appeal to your customers and also ensure the safety of your staff by offering the best edge rounding services that you need for any of your fabricated products. We will not delay your production with even a minute as we always promise and guarantee timely delivery. The moment that you will be sending your parts to us for deburring, we will agree on the turnaround time that we will honor as always.

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