USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in New Albany, Indiana

Best Contract Manufacturing in New Albany, IN

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in New Albany, Indiana

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists offers the most cost-effective metal fabrication solutions that you need for your pressed-in hardware for any special parts that you want to be joined together. We are known for metal fabrication, but in addition to that, we are very good at handling computerized hardware insertions. This we can do for self-clinching fasteners, standoffs, nuts, studs, rivets, etc.

High-volume hardware insertion services

If you are looking for a high-volume or low-volume hardware insertion services for your parts, then we offer the best contract manufacturing in New Albany that you can count on. We have been helping many companies in the assembling of their various parts that are bonded together through hardware insertions. This is normally the core task done in all the assembling units, and it requires much care and accuracy as anything that goes wrong at this stage is just unaffordable.

To get the job done, we employ the use of cutting-edge technology so that the process can be faster and accurate. Some machines may require bolting or riveting hundreds of parts together for a single product. You can imagine how stressing this can be if you have customers on the door already waiting for their products.

Hardware insertion can be done on sheet metal parts or any other fabricated products provided that hardware installation is the needed operation to be done. At USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists, we handle all that process as it comes. We have all the machines that use CNC automation technology to install fasteners and other hardware that can be installed through automation. This ensures that we are very efficient and quality is also top-notch.

Our machines are robust and can handle thousands of insertions per hour. This gives us the capacity to offer high-volume hardware insertion services that you need to beat the deadline. You can count on us to have fasteners and other hardware installed on your products on time. Regardless of the number of parts or pieces of hardware to be installed, we are up to the task.

Hardware insertion vs welding

While both are methods that are used in joining two different pieces together, they are preferred under different circumstances. Choosing any of these may require experienced engineers. In general, welding is used in a more permanent work where parts and strongly bonded together to stay intact for the rest of the service life of the parts.

Hardware insertion, on the other hand, is commonly used in situations where more flexibility is required. We know that there are other hardware insertion methods such as rivets and self-clinching fasteners that can hold two different parts together permanently, there are cases when that is not necessary. In such instances, a more flexible approach such as bolting is preferred. This makes it possible for the parts to be separated at will for repair or for any other reasons. This should be clear during the design.

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We service multiple cities throughout the state of Indiana. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Indiana.

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