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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Royal Oak, Michigan

Laser cutting or laser engraving are all very necessary methods that are used in metal fabrications. Manufacturing industries depend on them greatly to fabricate different parts and products. Even though there are other alternatives to this including plasma cutting and water-jet cutting, laser cutting still dominates many metal fabrications workshops. Why is this the case? Let us find out!

Laser cutting is very affordable, reliable, and relatively fast. Depending on the laser cutting system that you have, you can complete both big and large projects that require laser fabrications on time. Our high-end laser cutting machine eats through sheet metal like a hot knife through butter. With the integration of CNC machining, very complex designs can now be fabricated through precision laser cutting.

Laser cutting is preferred in many manufacturing industries for its slow electric power consumption. Its wattage rating is way much low than machines used in other metal cutting methods that we mentioned earlier.

Laser cutting and laser engraving, what is the difference?

Laser cutting is referred to as a subtractive metal fabrication method as some parts of the substrate are eaten away by the laser beam. In this method, a CNC machine directs the high-power laser beam through an optical path to the sheet metal to be cut. The laser head is directed or controlled directly from the design file, usually in a CAD file. The high precision laser beam vaporizes or melts the metal that it gets into contact with, thereby creating a 90-degree high-quality cut.

Laser engraving uses the same technology as laser cutting with only one difference between the two. Instead of the beam passing through the metal all the way down, it only engraves the surface of the sheet metal in question. This is particularly important in the printing of logos, part numbers, serial numbers, or any other identification number on the fabricated parts.

High precision high-volume laser cutting services

You can laser cut and engrave anything of your choice if you want to. You will only need to get the best contract manufacturing in Royal Oak if you want to have the best services. Choosing to use services that are offered by USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is for your best interest. You stand to gain more from laser cutting services that you cannot find anywhere else.

Apart from affordability, reliability, quality, and confidentiality that comes with our laser cutting services, there are also other extras that we serve our clients for using our services. For instance, is you use our laser cutting services, then you are entitled to sheet metal edge rounding upon request at no extra cost. The sharp edges are left after laser cutting can be very much harmful and can easily cause injuries. For easy handling of the parts, our clients often request us to round the edges.

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