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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Midland, Michigan

Many people now prefer laser cutting than any other method in the processing of machined parts. This is because of the very many benefits that come with the technology that is being put into use here. This method is simply the best if you need parts that are a machine with a high level of accuracy, or if you want faster sheet metal cutting.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is one such a trusted contractor that offers custom laser cutting services that meet the demands of various clients. With our laser cutting services, you can have all your parts cut in just a day, and it does not matter whether you want to high-volume or low-volume production. We will be able to meet your requirements and deliver precisely machined parts to you as needed.

What is CNC laser cutting?

Laser cutting is normally a comprehensive process that is achieved by incorporating two different technologies. These include the laser system and CNC module. Let us find out what these two technologies mean in a layman’s language.

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The system that is responsible for the generation of laser beam uses optical amplification of electromagnetic radiation into a high-power beam that is then focused or directed onto the workspace. Many laser machines have fixed heads, but you can find some with moving heads. The moving-head laser machines offer limitations on the size of the parts to cut from sheet metal.

CNC is also an acronym for Computer Numerical Control. This module depends on the machine code generated directly from the design. Normally, the information about the design contained in a CAD file that you submit to us is converted into a machine code that comprises only 1s and 0s. This is the language that computers understand. In simpler terms, the numbers can be visualized as mechanical switches that are either ON (1) of OFF (0).

A manually operated system will involve moving mechanical switches in a particular pattern. It is this that has been replaced by automatic switching through CNC. When both CNC and laser machines are combined together to perform laser cutting, the machine focuses a high-power laser beam on to the workspace that is controlled by the CNC module. The workspace moves in a particular pattern as directed by the number generated from your CAD file.

Advantages of CNC laser cutting

Laser cutting works by heating and melting the metal that it comes into contact with. And since the beam is very narrow and the workspace is controlled by the CNC program, the process is the most precise method for cutting metal sheets. There is no other method that compares to it under the sun.

With the automation that comes with CNC laser cutting, sheet metal cutting can now be completed for fast, even for complex designs. Additionally, this method is easy to use and very affordable.

Just contact us if you need a laser cutting service for any of your parts. We are here to serve your interest.

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