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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Mayfield, Kentucky

Metal bending or metal folding is a method of metal fabrication that is used in shaping the metal according to the design. The parts that are desired can be achieved through the bending of metals such as brass, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. This method is commonly used in the fabrication labs and is achieved through press braking. The banding is usually done after the cutting process, and so, it is very important to always have design skills in doing this.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is a contract manufacturing service provider specializing in different metal fabrication operations including press braking or metal bending. The success of a bending operation depends on the capability of the contractors and other parameters of the specimen such as thickness, length, and material it is made of. The operator is then responsible for regulating the force that is applied to successfully reshape the metal as desired.

Metal bending methods

There is always more than one way of doing the same thing in the manufacturing industry so that the other is used when one fails. The same applies to press braking. The different methods are used in different scenarios depending on the project that is being handled. The following are the common methods that we use in press braking:

V-bending – This method is further divided into 3 different methods: air bending, bottoming and coining. We commonly use air bending to achieve the desired shape. It involves the application of a force on the material against a die until the shape needed is attained.

U-bending – In this method, a punch and a die are used just as it was in V-bending. The difference is that a U shape is used instead of a V shape.

Step bending – commonly used to achieve wider bends, wider than in V-bending. To get the quality desired, smaller steps may be created.

Roll bending – A roll replaces punches and dies used in the previous three methods. It is preferred in the production of parts with large radii.

Rotary bending – If angular bends are desired, then this is the ideal method. This method produces a better finish since it leaves no marks on the parts as opposed to V and U bending that leave behind marks of punch and die.

 Advantages of metal bending

Bending is preferred in many cases for its ease of use and tidiness compared to welding. Whenever possible, welding is avoided and bending is used instead. People also prefer it for its aesthetic appeal. Even though we have to consider the suitability in use in engineering works, aesthetics is also another factor that will determine how the part performs once it is taken to the market. Since there are no weld marks in this, it is aesthetically more appealing than welding.

Bending leaves a smooth surface that makes the coating work easier. Since less human labor is required in banding, it is prone to fewer mistakes.

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