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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Kentwood, Michigan

The first stage in metal fabrication normally involves cutting of the material through a defined method. Different methods can be used to cut through metals in a fabrication workshop. The most common ones include laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasm cutting, oxygen-gas cutting, etc. Different methods used have their advantages and disadvantages, but we are not going into each of these methods. Instead, we will focus on laser cutting as it is the method that we use in our workshop.

Laser cutting process

Let us first understand how the laser cutting method works. It is a new technology that is only a few decades old but has gained popularity in different industries. It is now widely used more than any other method for the benefits and advantages that come with it as we will see shortly.

Laser cutting machines use CNC technology for the precision needed for most of the industrial applications. Manufacturing industries depend mostly on laser cutting for fabricating different parts and products. The method works by directing a stream of the laser beam generated by the laser machine to the substrate. This high-power beam is accurately focused on the sheet metal that is to be cut. Any part that gets into contact with the beam melts or vaporizes away. This is repeated all through the metal surface until all the demarcations as outlines in the design are achieved.

Once done, the machine switches off and the machined part can be taken out of the working bench. The result will be a high-precision, laser-cut edges with the best surface finish. In a world-class workshop like the one that we have, we use laser cutting to cut sheet metal, pipes, and other structural steels that our clients want.

Benefits of laser cutting over other methods

As the best contract manufacturing in Kentwood, we have chosen to invest in laser cutting method over all others. This is because of the very many benefits that come with it. The following are the highlights of this method:

High precision and accuracy – The precision with which this method can cut through steel is unrivaled. It is on its own if you want to compare it with other methods. Because of it, we have been able to accurately fabricate parts from complex designs with everything within the tolerances. It is what has made the design of many complex possible without having to do it in sections or parts.

Relatively fast – Laser cutting method is the fastest method of cutting sheet metal of all other existing methods. This has enabled us to offer high-volume laser cutting services.

Affordable and reliable – Laser systems are not heavy consumers of electric power. This makes the entire process very affordable to many people who need such services.      

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is here to offer you the laser cutting and other metal fabrication services that you need. We have all the necessary laser systems and other machines needed to give life to any design and idea. Contact us to access our services.

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