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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Greenwood, Indiana

Hardware insertion can be used together with welding for the extra strength needed by the parts to hold weight or resist structural stress. Sometimes, hardware insertion can be used independently without the need to include welding for its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. We are all professionals who can help you through any of these processes until the completion of your project.

What are the benefits of fasteners insertion over other methods?

Fasteners offer a cost-effective way of joining metal sheets together. It is also an easy process that does not require great expertise provided that it is done through CNC programming. And since the pieces of hardware are installed on the holes that were already cut in the metal sheet, it can be done with 00% accuracy. If you want to consider quality, then you should prefer the use of self-clinching fasteners over weld studs.

To get these benefits if you are going to need fasteners as opposed to other methods, then you better get the best contract manufacturing in Greenwood for the same. Using services offered by a globally-recognized contract manufacturer the likes of USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists ensure that your parts are done perfectly and without a doubt. You will also have everything completed and shipped to your site on time.

Using our services come with many benefits that you can take advantage of today. We have been working with very many companies from different parts of Indiana State and the entire United States who need these services to meet the demands that they get from their customers. For hardware insertion or nay metal fabrication services, just reach out to us so that we can help you in meeting your manufacturing goals.

What do we consider before hardware insertion?

Different hardware insertion methods have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. This presents a challenge when it comes to choosing what to use in different situations. However, with decades of experience that we have behind our back, we can easily make the right choice for you and deliver quality services.

Self-clinching fasteners, for instance, as maximum loading capability. This capability can be greatly reduced when the installation is done the wrong way. You won’t like that to happen when your products are already in the field. You won’t be willing to receive and address many complaints from your customers.

There are pieces of hardware such as bolts and rivets that can be used for heavier loading. Also, places of frequent use or parts that are frequently dismantled for repair or for any other reasons should only be joined with bolts and nuts. Only permanent joints should be riveted or fastened with fasteners and studs.

Standoffs or some fasteners can leave exposed heads on the surface of some parts. If this is not desired, then it should be removed without any further considerations.

We are your only partner with the experience to consider everything needed to install any hardware on your parts. Just contact us to access the services that we offer.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Indiana. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Indiana.

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