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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Fishers, Indiana

Edge rounding, or what some people refer to as deburring, is the act of removing the sharp edges of the metal that can be unnecessarily dangerous. It is done for two main reasons: remove the hazardous sharp edges and to add cosmetic value to the manufactured parts. So, even if you are not going to remove them for beauty, then you will have to do it for safety reasons.

Where do burring come from?

Burrs are small raised edges that remain after operations such as cutting, folding, countersinking, and tapping. These are all not desired in any metals surface that is to be given this kind of treatment. If you are going to manufacture your parts from metal, then you have to deal with burring at all costs before they become very stressful for you in the later steps.

Some people think that using automation and robotics in steel fabrication can do away with the need for deburring. That is not actually true as we do it for many reasons. If you think that the robots do not get injured, and think of the assembling of these parts. If each one of them had burring, would it be possible to even bring them all together under the tight tolerance with which they are produces?

Don’t get deceived and follow the masses. If you don’t want to do it for safety and beauty, but at least you should do it for the ease of assembling. Assembling is one of those services that require that all the parts fit in just perfectly. Any part that is out of measurement is likely to halt the assembling process and make delay the process as the engineers concerned still work on the problematic parts.

How to deal with burring

Your company may not be fully equipped to handle deburring. Or even if it is, then you may lack the experience and workforce to handle the volume needed. Deburring, which is the removal of burring or rounding of edges, requires the use of sophisticated machines that require skills and experience in operating. It is also a delicate process since a small mistake can render the entire part useless.

Using the best contract manufacturing in Fishers is just the best way through which you can easily deal with borings. USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists has all the facilities that are needed to work on any bussing on your metal parts. Regardless of the number that you have, we will still be able to handle it and deliver all your parts with smooth and round edges on time.

Our deburring services come automatically for all orders that are placed on our website for metal cutting or manufacturing of parts. However, we know that some people still prefer that they rather have the burring than not. Should this be the case, then you will need to specify it in the order sheet so that we get informed. And if you had used other services where the edges were not rounded, then we also offer deburring services that you can use.

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