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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Bloomington, Indiana

Laser-cut parts and punched parts always have very sharp edges and other protruding parts that need removal before they are taken to the clients. If you use our full-service metal fabrication, then you don’t have to worry about edge rounding because we have it included.

Edge rounding, deburring, or any other term that you want to assign to it, is an act of removing very small portions of the fabricated parts at the edges to smooth it out. This is done in proportion to the metal thickness. You don’t want to do it excessively as you are likely to interfere with the tolerances. It is done for safety reasons as it makes the part to be safe to handle. Some people also do it for beauty, which is still very much okay.

Reliable edge rounding and deburring  

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists offers deburring or edge rounding services that are done through machines and automated system. It is a process that requires precision and accuracy, just like any other metal fabrication services that we offer.

This operation can be achieved through many different methods that all depend on factors such as the number of parts, geometry, and dimensions. Fortunately, we are capable of dealing with every situation that you can find yourself into. When we talk about the number of pieces to be rounded, we mean that we can handle both large-scale edge rounding and small-scale edge rounding. So, if you have that one part, just come to us without fear. Or, if you have hundreds of parts that you need rounded, also come to us without hesitation as we can handle it all.

Deburring and edge rounding are all done to achieve consistent, high-quality, and proportionally rounded edges. As we mentioned earlier, we have different methods, and this section will highlight the different methods.


Burrs are formed on the edge of the metals after cutting, tapping, punching, or countersinking. These burrs should be removed through deburring with appropriate tools and machines where necessary.

Edge rounding

Edges or corners of fabricated parts that are machine-cut are always sharp. If this sharpness is not desired in the parts, as it has always been, then edge rounding is the way to remove it. This is done under computer-controlled machining to make sure that everything is left in order.

Oxide removal

This not common as the oxide layer formed on the metal surfaces are not harmful and are barely noticeable. However, it is still a useful procedure in powder coating where the surface has to be cleaned before the powder coat can be applied.

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