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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Powder coating is definitely the most preferred method for coating metal surfaces and products that are from a fabrication workshop. Many manufacturing companies now prefer this method for as long as it applies. If the parts are to be used externally, then most of them will undergo this very last step.

What is the powder coating?

Powder coating can be described as the even application of a coat on the surface of metals to protect the inner layers from corrosion and other harsh conditions that the parts will be exposed to once they leave the production line. It involves the coating of a metal surface using specialized powder electrostatically without the use of a solvent.

If you are going to consider this method for your parts, then you need the best contract manufacturing in Ann Arbor to offer it to you. This will ensure that your parts are given the best coat that will last as expected. USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is the industry leader in offering metal finishing services. Considering our services for metal coating guarantees you the best quality of the coat that will last for more than 20 years.

How is the powder coating done?

Powder coating, as we have said, involves the application of self-adhesive powder on the metal surface through electrostatics. However, it is not that straightforward process as it seems. Many things are involved including the initial stage of substrate preparation.

The metal surface where the coat is to be applied has to be spotlessly clean. This means that the surface will have to be cleaned first, and this inveigles very many processes that will ensure that dirt, dust, debris, initial paint, oil, grease, original coating, rust, scale, etc. are all removed. This is done so that the powder can maximumly stick on the metal surface.

Once the surface is ready, the powder is applied. There are different methods for doing this, and each of them is used in different situations as we will discuss with you when you finally bring us your order. Thermal curing then follows to make sure that the powder is firm on the metal surface. Again, the curing method depends on powder application methods.

Powder coating vs liquid coating

These are two different methods, both of which can be used to achieve the necessary coating on the metal surface. However, one is preferred over the other for many reasons that we will only highlight. Here. The only difference between powder coating and the liquid coating is the state of the coat that is to be applied, and that is self-explanatory.

Powder coating is the preferred method of the two for the following reasons:

  • It is very affordable and hence ideal for high-volume.
  • It is eco-friendly with no emission of carbon dioxide gas as opposed to liquid coating
  • It is simple and takes a short time, thereby the reducing lead time

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