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Powder coatings-USA Contract Manufacturing

Did you know that the paint industries today have become more innovative with regard to the techniques in surface panting? The manufacturers are not only making the maximum utilization of the wet paints but also making use of the dry paints in the provision of great coating finishes.

Powder coating is usually the dry coating process that is mainly used in coming up with protective finishes and can be used as motorcycle parts, automobiles, aluminum products, and metal. The good thing about this coating is that it promises a tougher, stronger, and durable coat when compared to the conventional wet paints.

This method was mainly used as a finish for metals. However, with the gaining of popularity and its promising quality results, it started being used on the other products.  Most of the industries, businesses, and consumers are even more eager of using these coatings on the other non-metal products.

For instance, the appliance industries have items like the ovens, water heater, and dryer drums coated with powder.  The automotive industry as well uses this method for wheels, bumpers and even some manufacturers are using it for their final products finishing.  Even the products like the bench railings, garden tools, barbecue grills, antennas, and lighting fixtures have been powder coated for long-lasting finish and durability.  Through the advancements of the time, this process has found its way into finishing wood, plastics, and ceramics.

In short, we can say that powder coating is the newest process of coating that is widely used in most of the industry and business establishments these days.  Many people are using this approach to fulfilling their ordinary painting needs. This approach mainly uses dry paints, unlike the traditional methods that used wet paints. The finish that this powder coating creates o products is far the best and is of high quality. Anyone who has tried using this approach can testify   and also most of the manufacturers seem to be contented and fully satisfied with the results this coating technique produces.

By utilizing this method, there are a lot of advantages you can get.  One major advantage is that these powder coatings contain no harmful elements that could endanger human health and the environment at large. Unlike the liquid paints, these have no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) that is very dangerous to the ecosystem.  This is actually an added advantage in terms of using dry paints because even the government is pushing harder of finding the most environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques to prevent further pollution spread.

Besides, as consumers, you also feel great and at ease knowing that whatever you need purchasing has n negative impact   on the surrounding.  The workers also being directly exposed to tie products are safe as well because this powder is devoid of the hazardous chemicals. More so, this powder coating is harder, highly resistant against scratches, abrasions, and any other damages brought about by corrosive substances and chemicals and also sturdier.  Additionally, this technology is very affordable. When you compare the costs that you will spend using this technique and the solvent-based technique, the latter is cheaper. But the fact is that the product finish will be worth more than what you will have actually paid.

In addition, dry paint is always easy to apply.  In fact, when it comes to this, there is no special training that is needed.  There exist available ready to use kits in the markets which anybody can buy so as to partake the task on their own.  The process mainly entails the preparation of the surface areas that need to be coated, the application of the dry powder on the item, and the use of high temperature in the melting of the powders used.  At the end of the process, manufacturers will always love the end product due to its durable quality and excellent finish.

With regards to the textures, his powder coatings offer different types of finishes that surely produces outstanding and impressive looks.  It can produce metallic, glossy, and even clear textures that also come in different colors and shades.   For instance, it feels nice seeing your car painted with that favorite color you wish giving it a brand new look.

Therefore, when it comes to coating your items, always make the best choices available.  Consider a powder coating for your different printing needs and this will not only save you your money and time but also help in the prevention of polluting the environment. However, despite powder coatings being of great benefit there are some disadvantages that you can get from using them. Whereas the coating process is that straightforward in regard to the thick coating, making the thin coats could be that hectic.

The thinner coatings could feature a more peeled texture due to the glass transition temperatures and particle dimensions.  When this needs being done, then the purchase price could be more compared to the other painting forms.  More so, while it can have the advantage of recycling the overspray, if numerous colors were employed within the booth, this could limit everything you could recycle.

How Powder Coating Really Works

Powder coating is an auxiliary for the traditional painting methods that were used for automotive and other metallic materials. It is the application of layers of the special treated solid pigments in the form of dry powder to surfaces.   The application of heat is then done to these surfaces making it undergo chemical reactions while the temperatures rise.

Upon the chemical reaction, these powder will then melt and resolidify into single solid surfaces matching the contours of the items being coated.  Powder coating thus has more advantages compared to the wet paintings.  Here we are looking at the way this entire powder coating process works.

First, the material that needs to be coated should be free from oil, grease, or dirt.  This material then gets connected to the industrial winch and dipped in an acid bath or sandblasted.  The surface then needs to be brushed to free of any pebbles and dried so that the moisture that remains is eliminated.  It is then connected to the small electrode that gives off the mild positive electrical charge.

The Corona Gun; usually an uncomplicated air powdered device that has a hopper that entails the powdered pigment in the form of thermostat polymer is then used. When this powder gets fired out of the nozzle, these Corona gun will give off that mild negative electrical charge. This is an indication that the material and the powder have the opposite charges that attract each other forming the powder to adhere to the surface naturally upon contact.

The coated material then gets swayed over the large industrial powder coating oven. It then gets fixed inside this oven ensuring that the electrode and the winch chain are removed before baking. This powder coating then gets baked at 4000F for about 10 minutes.  During this period, the thermostat polymer will go through molecular changes.

These powder coatings will change at this molecular level forming the molecular bonds with each surrounding particle in order to create a flawless shell around the materials.  As the polymer heats, part of it will burn and this is not normally seen because it doesn’t produce any visible smoke or gas.  These burning will then reduce the number of powder particles and the remaining particles will form bonds with the surplus carbon. This shell then cools for some minutes and gets removed.

The powder coatings painting approach is becoming more and more popular not only to most businesses and industries but also to ordinary people.  It is now being used both in the manufacturing and the household sectors.  Its benefits are incredible making it just hard to ignore it.  Therefore, why not try out these powder coatings to get the best-desired results for your products. For all your powder coating needs and questions, you can contact USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists. The best dealers are readily available at your service.

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