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Hardware Insertion

Hardware Insertion-USA Contract Manufacturing

In the current world, it is evident that you will across various types of hardware inserts for all types of applications in the industrial and commercial sectors, offices, and homes. The inserts are mainly known as the end plugs use in tubes.  These usually exist in various thicknesses, shapes, and sizes depending on the different industrial prerequisites. Usually, these are in the rectangular or round shapes and are mainly made of rubber or plastic so as to fit in all types of uses.


The hardware inserts are made of flanged designs or plastic threaded.  These could be square or round insert plastics that could be stepped or ribbed feet for height adjustments. The best thing is that these pieces will offer the strength and durability to the solicitation.

These threaded tube inserts of plastic materials are popular due to their high levels of stress resistance.  There are always in the hexagonal shapes. The zinc plating or the metal finishing are always great for easy locking. These inserts are highly resistant to corrosion and also could withstand the harsh chemical reactions.  These are the main impactful hardware pieces that re commonly used for both industrial and domestic applications.

Typically, the plastic inserts that are threaded are much lighter than the metal inserts. Though seeming much better, this could be a downside as light inserts will always tend to be vulnerable to pressure.  However, with good finishing, these light inserts could help in avoiding abrasion on storage and even shelving.


There are a lot of applications that are available with the plastic insert.  Most of the sharp furniture edges in homes could be covered to help prevention of abrasion and cuts especially to children and those moving around the vicinity.  Such hardware inserts are mainly meant for the enhancement of safety of the environment such as libraries, schools, shopping malls, etc.

More so, the heavy-duty applications have also adopted the use of plastic inserts. This has proven to be that useful especially when it comes to locking components in any crucial operations.  Most of these heavy-duty processes tend to function properly when the relevant types of machinery are steady on the floors.  Hence, most of the accidents will unlikely happen with the machines that have the plastic insert components.

These plastic inserts have really gained popularity due to their ease in fitting without the need for any expertise or tools.  Just a slight pushing or a gentle tap of the insert to the bottom of this application is all that is needed to get all your operations running smoothly.


There is no great challenge when it comes to securing necessary inserts for the various applications as these pieces are mainly produced in larger quantities.  These hardware pieces are usually small and thus their production is that easy.  One of the key factors contributing to this is the high advancements in technologies.  Better production techniques and materials that have high-efficiency machinery are used in the production of the plastic inserts according to budget and applications.

Things that could go wrong with the hardware insertion

The odds of major screw-ups are usually that small in the case where the job is not that complicated.  When you ask someone to insert one type of fattener into two holes, this is not usually a threat that could lead to the production disruption.

However, for those operators who work in the small metal shops could tell you that simplicity is not always the order of the day.   As a matter of fact, the hardware insertion jobs are likely to be that involving. It entails multiple fasteners that are positioned in different locations over fabrication. At a times this fabrications will have holes that are looking that similar but actually they may vary in size.

This is just a tale of one task.  The same operator working on a similar task could be needed to set up the equipment for the multiple tasks during the shifts. This changing our tips and the seeking of the new fasteners for the new job could be more time consuming and tiresome.

In short, we can say that there is a lot of things that could go wrong especially in the hardware insertion departments.  these mistakes could pile up that quick especially when the quality control steps are not taken seriously to ensure the first piece productions meet the client’s requirements.  This has been the case almost decades ago that is why most of the companies have now adopted the more advanced technologies to ensure they are finding better ways of reducing these hardware insertion errors.

Benefits of Hardware Insertion Services

By hiring the hardware insertion services, this could be one of the most ideal ideas as it will allow you to get  fast insertion services that are accurate. Whether it is the PEM, fasteners of the studs, these experts have it all to give you the best.  The professionals will use their hardware insertion services and laser cut to ensure they are providing you with full energy-efficient and hydraulic solutions to your metal fabrication needs.

The good thing is that these experts can have even the fasteners inserted without posing any damages to the parts.  With the hardware insertion services, you can also improve quality through more advanced technologies, reduce manual labor, and increase production as well. These service providers can also use precise laser cutting technologies. This will mean you can expect high-quality parts that will not only increase the value of your products but also improve its performances regardless of the number of parts that are being produced.

This laser cutting technique will eliminate the need for additional steps in the manufacturing process which will reduce the turnaround costs and time simultaneously.  Additionally, this process will only heat up small areas thus lowering the chances of materials being deformed or warped. The hardware insertion services are mainly offered for the installation of a number of components such as the studs, standoffs, and the PEM nuts.  The laser cutting and modern punching machines are what most of the companies are using in the piercing of precision holes so as to necessitate easy hardware insertion.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is a fabricating, laser cutting, and medium-sized metal stamping company that has the capability of producing quality products from prototype to mass production.  Throughout the entire production processes the company utilizes a number of things;

  • The laser cutting capabilities for the prototypes and mass production needs
  • International sourcing to ensure  there is the low maintenance  of costs  parts at higher  quality levels
  • Certified quality controls so as to ensure high accuracy levels.
  • Fast turnaround on all the orders we get while remaining on budget and time.
  • Use the more innovative  die designs to ensure e that we are  reducing on your costs
  • We use the more  cost-saving  computerized technologies(CNCs)  to ensure we are building tools that create  your parts
  • We have our own medium run hard tooling that offers significant cost savings. Something that puts us ahead of our competitors. When our tools reach free then welding work and the light assembly come in being handy.

At our company, our main commitment is investing in more advanced technologies. This is what has really given us an upper hand in the field while increasing efficiency, maintaining higher accuracy levels while exploring more creative solutions to reduce the tooling costs. Supply us with a blueprint of the part and you will be sure of getting the best-desired results from our team of professionals.

As a one-stop sheet metal fabrication shop service provider, we perform hardware insertion operations for most sheet metal parts that are used most of the industries. We offer hardware insertion services with widest throat depth and high tonnage available on the markets thus helping our esteemed clients staying ahead of the competition in the broad spectrum of industries and markets.

If you need any of our services, feel free to get to us and we will give you a free quotation. The company guarantees you that you will get the value for your money in any service that you hire from us. We have the right technicians and machines to help you out on any metal project that you could be having at your individual or business needs.

Our core offerings and services at USA Contract Manufacturing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

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