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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Willoughby, Ohio

Aluminum and steel have desirable properties that make them the chief metals in structural metals. However, to take advantage of these desirable properties, the metal has to be welded together at some point. This is where some manufacturers start to feel the heavyweight, especially if they lack appropriate machines and tools needed for arc welding.

Arc welding of different metals such as aluminum enquires great skills and experience of MIG welding and TIG welding. But what do all these abbreviations mean? MIG stands for Metal Gas Inter while TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas, names that are derived from the materials used in the process. For instance, TIG uses a tungsten rod as the heating element in joining the two metals that are to be bonded.

Different welding methods have advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation at hand. But in general, MIG welding is a better method compared to TIG welding. But why? We are not going into deep details of that, but just to let you know that MIG is a quick process with not so much involved while TIG, on the other hand, is a delicate and time-consuming process that needs full attention.

Many manufacturers in Willoughby city face the problems of outsourcing welding services as they get caught among many options that they get so much confused. Stop all that confusion by using services offered by USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists. This is a renowned metal fabricator that does not only specialize in welding services but also all other fabrication services.

History of MIG welding

MIG welding was introduced in the mid-1940s to help in welding of aluminum and other nonferrous materials used in parts manufacturing at that time. Even then, this method could be used in the welding of steel, but the cost of inert gas that did not favor this.

In the 1950s, carbon dioxide was used to replace inert gas in MIG welding, something that made it possible for this method to be used in steel welding due to the economic advantage that came with carbon dioxide. Since then, MIG welding gained popularity as the best welding method for its great speed, versatility, and adaptability. It has grown to be the most accepted welding method today used in the welding of different parts and structural steel building.

Advantages of MIG welding

  • Less clean up required after welding
  • Very versatile and can weld many different metals and alloys
  • High welding speeds, quality, and better control as hands is left free to handle all these
  • Can be used in any position, something that is not possible with other methods
  • Produces less weld spatter

Disadvantages of MIG Welding

  • Less controlled compared to TIG
  • Less portable

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is the best contract manufacturing services provider in Willoughby that you can trust for welding of all types for your different product parts. To access our services, just reach out to us through the addresses provided here. We are here and readily variable to support you in parts production. Choose us to choose quality!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Ohio. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Ohio.

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