USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Oak Lawn, Illinois

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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Working with sheet metal and metal plates requires high precision and much care. Why are we saying so? Rolling and bending on metal sheets and metal plates can easily result in wastage since these materials are usually very thin and can easily break or tear. This is why many manufacturers outsource rolling and bending services to try to stay safe from the risks that are involved.

As part of metal fabrication services that we offer, our steel rolling and bending services are one of those that are carried out with cutting-edge technology. This is to ensure that the quality expectations from our clients are met and wastage reduced or totally eliminated.

When you are going to use outsourced metal fabrication services for steel rolling and bending, you need to be sure that the selected company is capable of offering and delivering the services as promised. Most of them out there will promise you heaven and deliver hell. It will, in fact, far from the relationship that you thought it would be. Don’t make all these regrets later by using the best contract manufacturing in Oak Lawn offered by USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists.

Metal sheet bending and rolling services

It is not easy to tell the difference between the metal sheet and metal plate even to an experienced eye. However, some structural engineers who regularly work with such material can tell by just looking at them. To the rest, the difference in thickness with is just 1/16 of an inch is tough for the naked eye to see. Let that not stress you as it is not your role to tell the difference. After all, what are the measuring instruments like the calipers used for?

When designing your parts, you will only specify the metal thickness or you will supply the material to us yourself if you prefer it that way. It is then the role of our engineers to turn the material into the product or parts needed by rolling or bending it. We said it from the start that bending or rolling a sheet metal is a delicate process that can easily result in wear and tear of the metal sheet or metal plate. At our workshop, we have ways of getting over this and minimize the wastage.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists use CNC machining to control all the operations that we do on metals of that thickness. One of the easiest operations to complete is cutting as our laser system can easily cut through it in just minutes. Once in an appropriate shape, then we can get to the delicate process of rolling or bending.

You can rely on our machines for quality bends and rolls that guarantee a perfect circle for circular objects. We can do sheet metal rolling and bending on both large-scale and small scale depending on what you specified in the order.

Request your quote now and have your parts produced by us. We guarantee high-quality and precision needed as we use technology in the production.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Illinois.

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