USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Irving Park, Illinois

Best Contract Manufacturing in Irving Park, IL

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Irving Park, Illinois

As a manufacturer, you cannot even think of taking your parts or a functional product to the market without giving it a proper finishing. Even if it is as simple as painting, that will count a lot in attracting customers, and therefore, it should be done to the best of the ability. Using painting as an example here makes it look like an easy task to complete, but that is not the case. Think of other more controlled processes such as electroplating to get an insight into the real metal finishing operation that we are talking about here.

If you recently increased the volume of production, then you will have to face many parts that you also have to give a proper finish before dispatching them to the customers. You might get so much overwhelmed with the task that you start to wonder when and how you will finish the backlog. You may even curse the decision to increase production, but that was done on purpose. Don’t think of reducing the rate of production that may not help you either. Different manufactures have different reasons for outsourcing manufacturing including finishing that we cannot talk about every one of them here. However, USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists has the right answer for you regardless of the reason that you have. Our steel metal finishing services are part of what has made us the best contract manufacturing in Irving Park. Our clients depend on us to clear up their piles of metal unfinished parts that need finishing.

Steel metal finishing is the last stage of creating parts. From this stage, they head straight to the market or to the assembling unit where they are pieced together. But why should we take parts through this step? Find out the common reasons in the following section.

Importance of steel finishing services

Improved corrosion resistance – This is the engineering part of metal fishing. Through different methods available, parts can be protected from corrosion and make them last longer.

Improved cosmetic value – The appearance of your product in the market matters. A sleek finish is preferred if it will be used in attracting customers, especially if it is a new product entering the market for the first time.

Improved cleanability – Electroplated parts do not attract dirt that easily, and even if they do, cleaning is very easy compared to cleaning bare steel.

Remove rouge – This is part of corrosion that the steel undergoes due to exposure to external sources or abrasion of the protective layer. To remove rogues, a better finishing technique is applied.

Restoring a polished surface – By combining different techniques, the surface can be polished again by repairing any damages that it might have got from the fabrication process.

Reduced product adhesion – Adhesion may not be desired in the created parts; therefore, a better finishing can help in reducing it.

Contact us if you want your parts created and polished to the finishing of your liking. We are just a call away!

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