USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Hudson, Ohio

Best Contract Manufacturing in Hudson, OH

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Hudson, Ohio

There are situations where parts cannot be produced as a whole unit or the design to be implemented requires an oversize metal sheet. Even though we have the most modern machines that can allow fabrication of designs of different sizes, we still come across situations where parts cannot be produced as a whole. This forces the production in parts that are then joined together through arc welding.

Fabrication extra-large sheets of metals such as the fuser large of an airplane or chassis of vehicles may not be possible as a single unit. While some of these joining works can easily be completed through a riveting, some absolutely need welding. A company of an individual designer may not be having the needed machines for arc welding, and the source will be forced to outsource this from trusted contractors.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is one such trusted contractors with all the facilities needed to complete all metal fabrication operations. If you do extensive research, you will find out that it is the best contract manufacturing in Hudson with many years of experience in serving clients in the steel industry. We offer arc welding of all types that are fit for joinery work. However, the two most common ones are the MIG and TIG welding. We are saying this out of experience gained during the 40 years of service rendering.

What are the differences between MIG and TIG welding?

We know that you are asking yourself the same question now. Let us clear up your mind of anything that likely to confuse you between the two. However, we have some clients who do not even care about what type will be sued. All they care about is that their products are produced to match their needs. To the curious lot, let us know the differences that exist between these two commonly used welding techniques.

MIG or MIGAW is an acronym that stands for Meta Inert Gas arc welding. What this means is that it uses a wire that is continuously fed at the tip of the gun which creates sparks and acts as a filler to bond two different metals together. TIG or TIGAW stands for tungsten Inert Gas Arc Welding, on the other hand, uses a non-consumable tungsten rod that is electrically heated to very high temperatures that melts the two metals to be joined thereby forming a weld.

Both of these two methods are very essential in the joinery work which involves two compatible metals. However, one may have an advantage over the other depending on the project or task at hand. For instance, MIG is more superior than TIG is the two metals in question have great thickness. You can deduce many other differences between MIG and TIG from the descriptions given above.

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