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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Carpentersville, Illinois

Powder coating is one of the metal finishing methods that are in the mouth of every manufacturer. Even if it is in a small company or a global company, most of the manufactured parts are given this treatment before shipping is done. But why is that so? Powder coating has proved to be more superior to all other methods that are sued for the same purpose in many different ways.

While each coating method comes with its advantage and disadvantages, the advantages of powder coating have proved to be heavier than those of other methods. First, many people prefer it for ease of use as it dries fast on the surfaces thereby reducing the lead time. It is also a cost-effective way of adding value and corrosive resistivity to the metal surfaces.

The quality of the powder coating finish depends on the powder that is used. Different powder types are available at different costs. This is not the only reason why you should make sure you use services offered by the best contract manufacturing in Carpentersville but there are also many other factors that you should consider.

Everyone will, of course, choose quality first, but that is just 1% of the factors to consider. We are not going into the details of these, but we are just to inform you that using USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists saves you from many fabrication problems.

Using our services guarantee quality and timely delivery of all the manufactured parts. Even if we are not the people involved in the design and manufacturing, you can still bring your parts to us for faster finishing as we can handle any volume.

Powder coating process

Powder coating is done in many different steps, and each of the steps must be completed successfully for the quality desired on the surface. These are the basic steps. If you need more information about the technicalities of powder coating, then just get to us.

Preparation stage

Surfaces attract dust, dirt, and other debris that need to be cleaned before the other processes can follow. This is part if the preparation stage that is aimed at making the surfaces very clean. Any particles on the surface can greatly affect the coating leading to a poor-quality finish. Rusts, scale, or the existing paints must also be removed on the surface to improve the adhesivity of the powder.

Application stage

The powder is finally applied on the surface that was cleaned in the previous stage. This can be done through electrostatic deposition or fluidized bed powder coating. The method chosen should just do the work as expected to apply the coat evenly on the surface of the metal.

Curing stage

The curing method depends on the method used in the application and the type of powder used in the process. Each of these will make the coated surface ready to face the world outside.

For more information on our powder coating processes, or any other metal fabrication services that we offer, just give us a call or write an email to us. 

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