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USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Calumet City, Illinois

We have all come across the powder-coated surfaces on the appliances or parts that we interact with. If you are in the manufacturing industry, then you should have been involved in the coating yourself. This is one of the metal finishing that will be the focus of this article.

Different contract manufacturing companies use different techniques in offering this service to the hiring company. However, this has brought the differences in the quality of the coat and its lifespan. Today, we are going to explore how different methods contribute to the variation of the lifespan of powder coating. But before that, let us first make sure you know where you will be outsourcing your services.

We have many contract manufacturers from different parts of Illinois State, but getting the best contract manufacturing in Calumet City for your production needs can prove to be a daunting task. USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists is one such contract manufacturer that you can trust for the production of parts that you need. We have been involved in metal fabrication from 1998 to date, and we have become the favorite among different manufacturing and construction companies.

Different types of powder coating and their lifespan

These methods will rely heavily on the pretreatment method used in preparing the metal surfaces for the actual coating, which is what all these methods do. Deponing on the application, these methods can be used to apply the necessary coating on the metal surface:

Polyester – This is the most popular powder that is used for coating parts and products that are to be used both in the interior and exterior applications. This is because it is highly resistant to corrosion, UV deterioration, and chemicals. It comes in different color options and a wide range of gloss making it ideal for cosmetic reasons.

Epoxy – This powder offers high durability and great resistance to corrosion and chemicals. However, exposure to UV light can greatly affect its lifespan. Therefore, it is preferred for coating indoor applications.

Fluoropolymers – This is another coating powder that scores highly in resisting UV weathering and general corrosion. It is not affected by changes in weather conditions such as temperature, and therefore, ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

Urethanes – Polyester share many basic properties with urethane such as resistance to many chemicals. However, this powder, if properly applied, can form a much harder coat on the metal surface to resist abrasion and last longer. It is more expensive than polyester due to the added capacities.

The above-discussed methods are applied on different metal surfaces denning on the application of the parts and products to be coated. For instance, parts that are to be used in the oil and petrol industry, or in other chemical processing plants, should have high resistance to chemicals if they are to last.

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