USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Addison, Illinois

Best Contract Manufacturing in Addison, IL

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists in Addison, Illinois

Ensuring that your parts do not get affected adversely with the prevailing weather conditions and other circumstances is your full responsibility as a manufacturer. You don’t be expecting your customers to be the one painting the parts or products that they purchase from you in just less than a year because the coating that you applied to them just faded or cannot protect the parts from corrosion and other things.

Powder coating is just one of very many ways you can give your parts better protection. The method chosen depends on the parts manufactured. For instance, it won’t sound quite correct if you do powder coating on kitchenware such as cutlery. In such cases, electroplating or any other method would be appropriate.

USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists allow you to give your manufactured parts the kind of finishing of your liking. This is the best contract manufacturing in Addison that you can rely on to have any of your parts done on time. We are a one-stop-shop for metal fabrication services that you may need. If you use to hire different contractors for different operations on the development of your part, then you can put an end to that beginning today. We give you the chance to have all your products designed, manufactured, and given the finishing that you want all under one roof. This way, you save greatly on the overall costs and you minimize the risks.

Pre-treatment of the substrate before powder coating

Powder coating is a long process that begins by first preparing the metal surface on which the powder coating is to be applied. Essentially, the surface has to be spotlessly clean where all the debris, dust, dirt, rust, scale, and any other thing is removed. We use many different techniques in making sure that this stage of the process is done right as the quality of the finish will greatly depend on it.

The methods used for substrate pre-treatment include heating, and can sometimes extend beyond chemical treatment depending on the nature of the surface. We sometimes use sandblasting, acid de-rusting, wet stripping, and/or solvent cleaning as necessary to make the surface ready to receive the coating substance.

The reason as to why the surface has to be spotlessly clean is to ensure maximum adhesion for the powder coating. This coat has to stick onto the surface as expected if it lasts 15-20 years as expected. If pre-treatment is not carried out according to the set standards, then the coat will start to fall off after a short while, and may even fail to protect the surface from carrion and rusting.

Our services

Powder coating is not the only metal finishing method that we can do, and metal finishing is not the only service that we provide. Different industries including commercial manufacturing industry, automobile, aerospace, transportation, etc. all depend on the metal fabrication service that we offer.

Just contact us to join thousands of other manufacturers who are already benefiting from our high-quality metal fabrication services.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Illinois.

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