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CNC machining-USA Contract Manufacturing

The term CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.   CNC machining is thus defined as a method used in the modern machining to help in the completion of the various tasks in the metalworking fabrication. Most of the time, the operation of the CNC machines will tend to vary from type of CNC to another. These CNC machines are always available in dissimilar types,  anything from water jet machines to the lathe machines. This means that these machines will need different mechanics however the basics are working primarily for all these machine types.

In the article, we are going basically to talk about everything related to CNC machining.  Its history, the advantages and disadvantages, and its usage in the metalworking to name but a few.

Before the invention of the CNC machining, most of the metalworking fabrication processes mainly used the Numerical controlled machines. This whole concept of CNC machining was introduced way back in 1967 but the first machines were introduced in 1976.  Since then, these machines gained a lot of popularity and grew significantly as is now recognized as the industry standard.

The fact is that, in the current world, almost all the metalworking fabrication processes can be completed by using the CNC machines.  There are many types of CNC variations when it comes to metalworking equipment. We have high powered cutting devices, EDMs, lathes, drills, milling machines, routers, turret punches, and grinders.

The main advantage of this machining is mainly improving accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and safety in the metalworking fabrication. With the CNC, operators need not interacting directly in all the metalworking processes and thus this reduces the high risks at workplaces. They can be operated on a 24/7 basis. These machines are normally just turned off for regular maintenances.

What is making most companies like USA Contract Manufacturing Specialists operate on these machines continuously is their reliability. These machines will work even without any human supervision as they are equipped with a system that can contact off-site operators in cases of errors.  Most of the time when errors occur on these machines, the entire process will stop automatically.

Types of CNC machining

Just as earlier said, CNC has touched almost every aspect of manufacturing. Most of the machining processes have been enhanced and improved through the use of CNC. Below are some of the specific fields and places of focus in the manufacturing process that are enhanced by the use of the CNC machines.

Just as in the metal removal industries, CNC machines can also be found heavily in the woodworking shops.  The operations here include drilling and routing.  There are many woodworking machining centers available that are able of holding several tools and performing a number of operations on the workpieces being machined.

In the manufacturing field, fabrication deals with the operations that could be performed on relatively thin plates.  Think of a steel filing cabinet; all of its primary cabinets are made from the steel sheets.  On these sheets holes are punched, sheets sheared to size, and bent to come up with the desired shape. The fabrication operations mainly include welding, forming, laser cutting, punching, plasma cutting, and shearing.  Thus, we can say that CNC is highly used in all aspects of fabrication.

The CNC back gauges are also used together with the shearing machines to ensure the length control of the plates that are being shared.  More so, the CNC plasma and the CNC lasers are used in creating plates into their final shapes. We have the CNC press brakes that bend the plates within their final shapes and the CNC turret punch that will hold the various die and punch combinations punching holes in sizes and shapes through the plates.

The removal of metal through the use of the electrical sparks that burn away the metals is called Electrical discharge machining (EDM). CNC EDM   is found in two forms, the Wire EDM and the vertical EDM.  The wire EDM is mainly used in the creation punch and die combinations for the dies sets that are found in the fabrication industries while the  Vertical EDM  will require the use of electrodes that are machined on the CNC machining centres to be machined into the task pieces.  For instance, picture forms of plastic bottles that need definitely being machined into molds.  EDM however is among the less popular CNC operations as it is related to making tools used with the other manufacturing processes.

Some of the machining processes that were used traditionally and can be improved by the CNC machining centres include counterboring, boring, reaming, tapping, drilling and a myriad of milling.  There have been a myriad of turning operations carried out on the CNC turning centers such as threading, knurling, grooving, turning, boring and facing.

More so, the grinding operations of all types are it the internal diameter or the external diameter, all these are now being done using the CNC grinders. CNC has even gone a mile further to open new technologies regarding grinding. The contour grinding that was infeasible due to technology constraints is now common with the CNC grinders.

Advantages of CNC Machining

Are you new to the world of CNC machines or do you need to get more information on the latest happenings in the CNC industries? Then it is definite that you need to join the CNC machining zone. This could be a better way of seeking out like-minded people that have the right advice to offer and staying connected to the world of CNC machines.

Additionally, this system can help operators in the maximization of the raw material use and the minimization of wastes.  Skilled engineers could be able to make similar components but when these components are analyzed, then you will find out that they vary. By doing this, then the company can be able to optimally use the raw materials thus increasing profits.

Through CNC machining, you can be able to save a lot on the recurring and manufacturing costs.  You can be able to procure the right types of raw materials and CNC machines that could help in making your production more cost-efficient by using the CNC machining zones. These zones also give you the chance of looking for more talented workers in the zone you base on that could help in the peak running of your machine for efficiency.

Another advantage is that once the engineers have these machines programmed correctly, then they could produce the same quality components continuously in a short time.  This can help in the shortening of the production processes thus enabling the companies to produce mass components that will necessitate more orders.

More so, through this CNC machining, you can also be able to locate the motors, controllers, support blocks, aluminum blocks, stainless steel, cast-iron, and others without any challenges.  This can also help you in the outsourcing of the various work aspects when you lack the key resources thus helping you complete your orders in time.

 Lastly, the other advantage is safety.  Just as stated above, CNC automates almost all procedures and thus the operators need not interacting with the dangerous equipment.   Hence, having a safer working environment will not only benefit the company but also the operator.

Disadvantages of CNC machining

Despite CNC machines being used widely, there are several disadvantages that all companies need noticing.  First, the key drawback of implementing the CNC at workplaces is the initial investment. These machines are always very expensive when you compare them to the other machines operated manually.   Another disadvantage is the high rates of unemployment since the company needs only a few operators to complete the metalworking techniques.

With the efficiency and speed of the CNC machines in the completion of the various metalworking responsibilities, companies are highly recommended to invest in CNC machining for them to stay profitable and competitive.

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